ErgoType BV

Our Company

ErgoType BV started in 2002 and aims to market ergonomic hardware and software for Digital Screen Equipment (DSE) workers. ErgoType BV places a lot of value on the scientific and medical basis of its products. In order to keep up these high standards, ErgoType BV co-operates with a paramedical institute.

ErgoType BV is the manufacturer of the SafeType™ Vertical Keyboard. This product was originally developed by Ergonomic-Interface Keyboard Systems Inc. founded in 1993. In 2002 EKS changed their name to SafeType Inc. at about the same time when after a long process of development the keyboard went to market. ErgoType BV handled distribution of the SafeType™ Vertical Keyboard throughout Europe. In may 2013 SafeType Inc. sold their assets to ErgoType BV.

In addition to the worldwide distribution of the SafeType™ Vertical Keyboard,  ErgoType BV also handles the European distribution for the AirO2bic™ Grip-Less™ mouse, and the Virtual Hands Free™ mousing system.

Our team

ErgoType BV is managed by Frank Rutten (founder and CEO).


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