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Nib Clickless™ Software

Nib Click-less™ Software is Auto-Click software that is optimised for word processing and web browsing applications. It automatically performs up to 95% of button clicking operations for you and works best with the AirO2bic™ mouse.

Nib Click-less™ Software only works on Windows operating systems (up to and including Windows 10).

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Nib Click-Less™ software has a ‘point and click’ system. You place the cursor on the location where you want a mouse click to be performed. After a small delay (user defines) the software will perform the click for you. A separate delay can be configured for web browsing.

The program has a built in and user definable break timer with 'Add Back' function. If you take an unscheduled break to answer the phone, it adds back time until the next Nib™ break so as to reduce your RSI risk and not your productivity.

You can choose to turn off your keyboard and mouse during the Nib Break making a positive commitment to performing the stretches that help increase your body's oxygen levels or just take the time to get up and walk around.

It tells you how many clicks it performs for you and how many you do for yourself, proving how hard it is working for you and providing you with the feedback that helps you get to know the system better. 

An evaluation copy of Nib™ for the PC can be downloaded here.

After ordering you will receive an email with your license key and download information.

Windows 10

Please note: a known problem with NIB on Windows 10 is that it sometimes has trouble working on high resolutions. Please use a resolution of 1360 x 768 or less, and run it in Compatibility Mode if you run into this problem.

  • Return privilege: no return privilege
  • Operating system: Windows